Pilgrim’s Bounty 2018

Pilgrim’s Bounty starts today, November 19th, and will run through November 26th. My main point of reference here is the¬†WoWHead.com guide. It appears that nothing new was added to this event.

Bountiful Tables: These are found at all major cities and towns with inns. Eating here is ALLOWED for purposes of completing the quest, however, please note that eating the same meal 5 times will give you a buff that is not allowed:

Transmog Items:

  • The Pilgrim’s Hat, Attire, Dress, Robe, and Boots¬†are NOT ALLOWED¬†for Irons, Tins, Bloods, Pacifists, Iron Teams or Blood Teams. Previous years these items were white, they are now green. The only challengers that may wear these items now are Green challengers as daily quests are required to obtain them.
  • The Rare-quality (blue) Fine Pilgrim’s Hat is also NOT¬†ALLOWED.

Battle Pets: You can obtain the following two battle pets (but again, cannot use them within the confines of the challenge).

  • Frightened Bush Chicken can be found in the daily Pilgrim’s Bounty quest reward.
  • Plump Turkey is rewarded from completing the Pilgrim achievement (not possible for Challengers to do).

Pilgrim Achievement: Currently this achievement is not possible to complete for Challengers since some of the requirements would break our challenge rules.

  • Irons, Tins, Greens, Blood Thirsty, Iron Teams, and Blood Teams: Cannot get the Now We’re Cookin’ achievement since cooking is not allowed.
  • Pacifists: Cannot get the Terokkar Turkey Time achievement as killing is required.

Daily Quests: There are two sets of quests… ones that require cooking and others that let you either cook or BUY the necessary quest items. Pacifists are allowed to complete both sets of quests since cooking is allowed for them. Irons, Tins, and Greens are only allowed to complete the quests where you can buy the items.

Completing the dailies will give you a Pilgrim’s Bounty reward, in which you can find the Frightened Bush Chicken or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter toy. This item sells for 10 gold! You can also keep this since it’s a toy and does not provide any in-game assistance.

Pacifists: Please be aware some of the quests require you to kill turkeys for the reagent Wild Turkey. This will count as a kill. Thank you to Cell for checking this out and reporting back to us.

Blood Thirsty(Solo & Teams): Unfortunately here we are at yet ANOTHER world event you can’t participate in.

Food Recipes: Pacifists can learn five new cooking recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing (1), Pumpkin Pie (100), Cranberry Chutney (160), Candied Sweet Potato (220), Slow-Roasted Turkey (280). All of these items provide buffs. You can EAT the food, however, you must right-click the buff OFF.

Images used with permission from WowHead.com.

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