The Threads of Fate Quest Explanation for Blood Thirsty Challengers

We’ve noticed that as more people are leveling up Blood Thirsty challengers, there is some confusion surrounding the Threads of Fate quest that pops up as you enter Oribos. We hope that the following explanation clears up that confusion.

When you enter Oribos, whether you’ve gone through The Maw or chosen to utilize The Maw skip option, your challenger will be frozen in place. The world around you will take on shades of gray and Fatescribe Roh-Tahl will approach you.

He explains that you have come to a fork in the road. There are 2 possible paths to take from here and you must choose one. This quest is called The Threads of Fate. You are forced to do this quest, so it is ALLOWED for Blood Thirsty challengers.

After accepting The Threads of Fate quest, Fatescribe Roh-Tahl will then give you another prompt. When this window shows up, you will need to click “I am ready to choose my fate in the Shadowlands.”

Upon clicking the option “I am ready to choose my fate in the Shadowlands” a new window will appear. This window will show you 2 possible options to pick from. You will see The Threads of Fate option on the left and the Replay Storyline option on the right.

As a Blood Thirsty challenger, you must select the Replay Storyline option on the right. This is the only option that is ALLOWED and will not flag your challenger. The Threads of Fate option on the left is NOT ALLOWED for Blood Thirsty challengers. It grants access to World Quests and credits your challenger with having completed all of the storyline quests which will red flag your Blood Thirsty.

After selecting Replay Storyline, you will then need to complete the remaining quests in Oribos, up to and including Seek the Ascended. It should be noted that while you are on the quest The Eternal City, which has you tour the city of Oribos, you will need to speak to Fatescribe Roh-Tahl once again. Use caution when speaking with him to make sure you don’t accidentally complete the quest he has.

The quest Seek the Ascended will take you into Bastion. After turning this quest in you are done, no more questing for you. If you do not want to grind in Bastion, there is one workaround at the moment. Should you have the Shadowlands Scouting map in your Toy Box you are able to use this item which will grant you access to the other flight points throughout the Shadowlands without giving you quest credits.

We hope this has cleared up any lingering confusion over what option to select as a Blood Thirsty challenger! Good luck everyone!



Photo by Roma Kaiuk on Unsplash

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