The WoW Challenges Podcast – Episode 4 – BlizzCon Spec Crud!

WoWChallengesNEWtwitterThe WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information regarding the Challenge Toons!

  • We feature 4 audio clips from folks at BlizzCon
    • Ashanka, BattlePanda, Belshnickle, Ben Bumhoffer, Firebain, Goldie, Hawgeye, Hots For Shots, Jack of Skulls, Jules, Juuno, Knate, MageADeath, Marconin, Marie, Pat Krane, Racavis, Rho, Summer Sal, Tieber, Tullibardine, Wunwuntu
  • Stone, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss their top two things from BlizzCon.
  • Transmog discussion
  • Default Specialization discussion

News in the World of Warcraft

  • CTR Moose Run: for members of the Convert to Raid guild. Sign up at
  • Friendship Moose: for Alliance or Horde! Sign up at
  • Pilgrim’s Bounty upcoming world event roundup.
  • Brief discussion about Legion class guides.

Site News

  • We have a new Level 100 Iron Victor: Asyluun!
  • FAQ is coming real soon!
  • New Gear Exception: Fine Pilgrim’s Hat.
  • Glyphs: not adding glyph exceptions until Legion.
  • The Challenge Report: who dinged & who died.

Emails / Audios / Social Media

Submissions from Hollowed Djauul, Iron Slak 2, Tulli, Asy, Leeta

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Next Show – Saturday December 12 2015 @ 7pm Eastern

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