Why the Elixir Rule Change?

Last night we announced that elixirs provided for quests were no longer allowed for challengers, however, we didn’t say why. Please read carefully.

Originally, the challenge was set up to not allow elixirs at all, however, through some coding and quest checking, a method was created to allow elixirs for quests… sort of. The exception is contingent on the elixir being used and the quest being completed and turned in before logging out. When the elixir is used but the quest is not turned in, we don’t see why the elixir was used: your character gets flagged.

For a singular elixir quest, we can unflip the flag (provided you have logged back in and turned in the quest), however, we CLEARLY had it written in the rules (paraphrasing): Use elixirs at your own risk. If you are flagged we cannot unflip it. This still did not deter characters (not one; MANY) from using the elixir, getting flagged and then requesting a fix (incidentally this is why we don’t ignore deaths due to bugs or DC/lag even if there is video proof – we will get hammered with requests).

The fault lies with me (Stone) for unflipping flags in the first place, despite it saying we would not. This is going to stop.

So we are drawing the line here but overall it seems arbitrary, especially so if the rule is kept the same. Invariably, we will get “…but you fixed it for them with the problem / rule.” This is true. Why can I fix it yesterday but not today?  Nothing changed: the rule is still the same!

For zone & quest completionists, do not fret. While I am changing the rule, I am NOT changing the code. If you decide you REALLY want to chance things and use the elixir to do a quest, the code will still be in place to check for it. If you get flagged, that is completely on you: I will not fix it and will be pointing at the “No Elixirs” rule. Know that completing all quests is NOT required to achieve maximum level for any of the challenges.

The easiest thing to do was to keep the rule SIMPLE, something which we already started doing by disallowing green+ gear for shirts and tabards. Adding in warnings did not work (again, I am to blame for wanting to fix things for folks). Changing the rule to flat out say “No Elixirs” is as simple as we can get it and brings us back to the original rule.

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