World First Tin Champion (& IRON CHAMPION TOO!)

We have our crowned our very first Tin Champion with ZERO deaths: Tricksster!

Tricksster was originally listed as a Tin (between Level 10-30 with no deaths) and leveled using the Iron rules… he was able to complete both with one character!

This is Ster’s third Iron Champion for Legion, becoming the 16th Iron Champion for this expansion. His first was Ironster (Night Elf Rogue) that was third in the expansion and his second was Catster (another Night Elf Rogue) that was fourth.

It took Tricksster 109 days, 23 hours to reach Level 110, going from March 4th to June 22nd.

This time, Ster leveled a Night Elf Druid for a different change of pace… but perhaps not… both Rogues and Druids can stealth around…. we think he should try leveling a Warrior next time or perhaps a Mage.

You can find Ster on the Forums (Deadster), Twitter (@GeekRoguester) and on Discord (GeekRoguester) as one of our moderators.

Congratulations Ster! 🙂

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