WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.246 – Frickin’ Lasers! The Death List Show

For our last show of the year, we keep the tradition alive by having Xortz join us!

2020 Challenger Death Lists

Ster’s 2020 Death List
15 Deaths
– 6 pacifists, all rogues, often stepping on or accidentally targeting low-level NPCs.
– 5 druid irons, highest being 118 and 113, often trying to steal a chest, got mobbed.
– 2 Shadowlands deaths, both at level 53, iron rogue.  Doing a quest in Bastion, had scouted it, watched other players.   Apparently the quest randomly or as a bug will kill your toon.  Sigh, this is what irons do, find Blizzard bugs.  Another death was to a Gilded Cloudstrider, gored me.   Do not melee fight these things, they will 2 shot you.
– 1 druid pacifist, in BfA, got webbed by spiders, then a pack of wolves joined in.  Nature hates me.
– 1 monk, minding his own business in Hillsbrad, got dismounted by yeti, became soup of the day.
Death that left a look of surprise on the toon’s corpse:  Outlaw rogue flying around WinterSpring looking for treasure, done it a million times.  Flying over the cave at Starfall Village, there is a mysterious no-fly spot – try it yourself, it is near the letter T of Starfall Village on your map. Toon was dismounted and fell to her death.

Asy’s 2020 Death List
I had my list on my work pc and lost my job in August but I think I lost about 11.

Rogueslayer’s 2020 Death List
Irons 20
Greens 9
Working 7
Pacifist 2
Bloodthirsty 1
Total – 39

Xaya’s Death List
Irons 7: from 41 to 112
Greens 2: 98 and 116
Working 4: from 75 to 120 (actually 50 died in SL)
Pacifist 2: 27 and 109
Bloodthirsty 3: 40 and 91 before squish, 36 after squish
Tinman 3: 98, 111 and 119
Total – 21

Cinsun’s 2020 Death List
I had two Hunters die, one was around 36, one was 44. I had one Warrior die, around 24. Those are all for Retail BFA Total – 3

These are all my Classic deaths Total – 19
–    9    Hunter    Night Elf    Iron Man    2.00    –    Died autorunning off Teldrassil
–    11    Hunter    Night Elf    Iron Man    2.83    –    Blackmoss the Fetid
–    7    Paladin    Human    Iron Man    0.92    –    Narg the Taskmaster
–    13    Warlock    Gnome    Iron Man    4.00    –    Overrun with respawns and adds from runners in SilverStream Mine
–    6    Rogue    Human    Iron Man    0.75    –    Failed Goldtooth escape
–    5    Rogue    Human    Iron Man    0.65    –    Died to boars
–    5    Rogue    Human    Iron Man    0.65    –    AFK while stealthed – Kobold Tunneler
–    9    Druid    Night Elf    Iron Man    2.00    –    Lord Melenas
–    8    Druid    Night Elf    Iron Man    1.12    –    Lord Melenas…
–    17    Warrior    Human    Iron Man    7.76    –    Defias Pillager double pull
–    6    Warrior    Human    Iron Man    0.75    –    Menethil Harbor skip
–    6    Warrior    Human    Iron Man    0.75    –    Deleted after successful Menethil Harbor skip
–    11    Warrior    Human    Iron Man    2.83    –    Defias Dockmaster (spawns three level 10 Defias Bodyguards)
–    18    Warrior    Gnome    Bloodthirsty Iron Man    11.00    –    Charged a level 17 Riverpaw Bandit and aggroed the camp next to it consisting of a level 16 & 17 Riverpaw Bandit and a level 18 Riverpaw Taskmaster. The camp is not leashed to the Charge target

10/30/2020    9    Warlock    Gnome    Iron Man    2.00    Here    Timber and his two adds. Demon Armor expired on pull. I don’t think it would have made a difference.

11/26/2020    17    Druid    Night Elf    Iron Man    7.76    Here    Stormscale Wave Rider and Stormscale Siren x2. Did not clear enough and pulled the two Sirens on accident after Moonfiring the Wave Rider.

11/26/2020    17    Rogue    Human    Iron Man    7.92    Here    Defias Highwayman

11/26/2020    16    Hunter    Night Elf    Iron Man    6.08    Here    Stormscale Wave Rider x2 and Stormscale Siren. Backed up to get range on first Wave Rider and aggroed Siren. Aggroed second Wave Rider by sending pet to Siren. Should have left pet where it was and ranged down Siren ???

11/28/2020    22    Warrior    Human    Iron Man    20.72    Here    The Absent Minded Prospector escort. Graveflint Bonessnapper and Graveflint Geomancer. Avoid this quest in the future. Did not pop Retaliation. I do not think it would have made a difference.

Dave’s 2020 Death List
So it begins…
Paladin Crackanegg started life as a Human Paladib, mercillesly and cruelly struck down by Sgt Whathisname in Westfall. Started as an Iron contender and laid to rest at level 14.

A Kul Tiran Priestess kicks off in Elwyn forest, off exploring Mines encounter Massive Combat Laser equipped Kobolds, no chance here folks. This Green Iron fell to Laser fire at level 26, Lasers!

WowConToon began his existance as a Contest toon, this Night Elf Priest had narry a chance at level 16 he encountered a swarm of Hi Tech Murlocs, Murlocs with Friggin’ Lasers!

Following shortly behind is WowConTwo a Dranei Paladin, His life held little meaning other than relentless drive, cornered by Goblins in Mulgore he fought long and hard, until they brought in reinforcements from the heavy Infantry, Infantry with Lasers, Can you believe it Lasers!

Still in the timeframe allowed by the contest, we have WowConThree, A Orcish Mage that managed to hang in there longer than Two, met his match in the Elven Scouts in Northwatch, Here we had our first signs of newer technologies in the alliance as they sprung upon Three with Lasers! yet again Lasers!

Billeye an unassuming Human Hunter, left his homeland to search out his own treasures in Dun Morogh, Instead while assisting the Dwarves at Amberstill Ranch he was gunned down by Laser Weilding troll fromDuritar, We can assume they stole them from the Alliance at Northwatch making their way to eastern Kingdoms and setting their sight on the dwarves at Ironforge! But Lasers, Friggin’ Lasers!

Percivole a Human Paladin, Green Iron hopeful battled long and hard Reaching a longtime highest level of 31 before falling in the Frostmane front of Dun Morogh, set upon by Troll Scavangers he fell to a single but fatal laserbolt, these lasers have got to go!

Cheesely Green Iron Human Priest, fell, What difference does it make, in Deadridge, to an Spiteful Orc, Orc with a Laser!

Frustration runs high during Contests:
SgtMajIlleye Human Survival Hunter, L16 Gang of Miners in Jasperlode Mine, with Lasers, Friggin Lasers!

MsgIlleye Human Survival Hunter, L19 Thought I was visiting vendor to dump loot, was a trainer and equipped a blue, with Laser’s, a BLUE with Friggin Laser’s!

SfcIlleye Human Survival Hunter, L19 Would you believe it was my son and an Amazon Delivery! And the Deliveryman was outfitted with Lasers, Friggin’ Lasers!

SsgIlleye Human Survival Hunter, L18 Fell in Kharanos, Them Bloody seers, when did they get Lasers, Friggin Lasers!

SgtIlleye Night Elf Survival Hunter, L31 Nicer run but once again while in Loch Modan Troggs, with lasers, Friggin’ Lasers!

I have since sworn off Contest toons, they just deserve better than I can provide!

After a cooldown period from the last Contest we stepped back into action:

Yes Nidala Female Dwarven Paladin, wandered through Elwyn Forest with little problem until just short of Westfall, Riverpaw Trolls, but why does it have to be Trolls, Trolls with Lasers!

Nidlap Dark Iron, Green Iron, Best Iron Showing since Pandaria, Level 38, made it into Dearridge, Overlord Barbarius, I heard Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum then things went dark!

Troll Priest Nurllort, The Troll Priest, lost in the Archives of Survival, Still kickin’ but I know not where! But definately avoiding Lasers!

DippyDan got all he deserved with a name like that, Human Paladin Level 17, While questing in Westfall I was Distracted by Stonegrasp Wrestling, who heard of wrestling with lasers, FRIGGIN’ LASERS!

Next somehow fitting, JerkyJohn, namesake of a Wrestling Streamer, Human Male Priest, Surprising outcome here, my highes ever Iron man, battled long and hard but fell at level 52, I say again 52, For those with multiple Ironmen you may laugh, go ahead, I am still proud of this one. Fell to Dark Iron Trappers in the Wetlands, Dark Iron trappers with Lasers, Friggin’ LASERS!

Next up BarrieCakes, Human Female Priest, What can I say a let down after JerkyJohn, only made it to level 15, Elwyn Forest full of them damn Murloc’s, you know it with Lasers, Friggin’ Lasers!

Dwarven Female Priest, WowTalee, lost in the Archives of Survival, Still kickin’ but I know not where! But definately avoiding Lasers! Keep your eyes open you never know…..

DontJump in honor of Turwinkle, (Glad you are doing so well, glad to see you back to streaming) Didn’t do as well as his namesake, Human Paladin took a wrong turn and wound up in Searing Gorge at level 13. Those Crystalline Spiders are HUGE, and the carry Huge Lasers! Huge Friggin’ Lasers!

Plebo, well deserved name here LF Draeni Green Iron, L19 Walked off a cliff while at the Amber Ledge distracted by SGWF,  blasted by Beryl Mage Hunter, with Lasers, FRIGGIN’ LASERS!


Ohstoney, Void Elf Priest, Green Iron, made it to level 19 in the Halls of Valuun Shadowmoon Raiders jumped me, must have been twenty of them, with Lasers, Friggin” Lasers I tell you!

OkeyFenoke, Lost in the Archives a Female Human Paladin, this story is yet to be written but she as well as the other survivors story may be heard of in upcoming podcasts, or you may have to read about them in next years “Death Log”!

I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to all who contribute to the WOW Challenges Podcast, from the On-Air personalities to those behind the scenes and the Iron Elite, the mods, and all who contribute by writing in, a lot of work goes into these productions and it is all done for the love of the Community, Three Cheers, and a Salute to all who contribute to the end product!

Thanks for helping to mellow what has been a crazy year for all of us!

Illeye_CTR, DavetheHuntr, Davedahunter, Jillbilly Jim- we all the same miserable schizophrenic gamer/Wow Fanatic/D# almost Guru…@dstev98141 on Twitter

Tiber 2020 Death List

Greetings Leeta, Guest hosts, and Chatroom,

I hope everyone is well and coping with the challenges of 2020, as well as possible.

My Challenger death list is very short this year (for me), only 13, where normally I have had in the neighborhood of 30. Unfortunately, that low number is for mostly the wrong reasons. PC problems and ISP issues kept me from playing Challengers for a good part of 2020.  All the changes happening in the Shadowlands prepatch, and the Shadowlands launch kept me from playing Challenge toons, while I learned how to cope with our new WoW environment.  Also, I may have been distracted by the pursuit of a dinosaur mount…

My most vexing Challenger loss this year is a Shadowlands level 42 Pacifist.  Shortly after the prepatch began I discovered she had an elemental kill.  I can only imagine this happened during the Brewfest Dark Iron events.  Maybe a proximity kill?  Very disappointing, but I have another Pacifist now carefully approaching level 46.  So, onward!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2021 and levels many Challenge characters in the coming year,


1/ Pacileita Lvl81 Tauren Druid Pacifist – died 25/4/2020 – got jumped by 2 green tigers in Valley Pandalands while mining

2/ Bloodleetar Lvl30 Undead Warlock – died 24/7/2020 – got jumped by angry griffin when pulled Rare Wolf in The Hinterlands

3/ Bluleetae Lvl108 Gnome Hunter – died – nodded off for about 20secs and somehow still had my fingers on the keyboard… and flew straight into Grom’ Gol in STV

4/ Ironleitae Lvl37 NE Hunter – died 5/11/2020 – Tigers and Tricksters in Pandaland

– Feast of Winter Veil begins on Dec. 16th.
– Welcome Naptime to our Code Wardens team.
– Our Christmas/New Year break starts now! We’ll be back on Jan. 9th, 2021 for our first show of the new year!

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