WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.247 – I Got Jelly

For our first show of 2021, Leeta and KhrysW have a round table discussion about how Ster, Ferre, and Nisey are finding challenger leveling in Shadowlands so far.

– Congratulations to our new Level 60 Shadow Champions!
Ferreskyye – Our first Shadowlands Pacifist Champion!
Passeyster – Our second Shadowlands Pacifist Champion!
Tejbegriz – Our first Shadowlands Iron Man Champion!
Ferrerona – Our first Shadowlands Working Man Champion!
– Irons, Pacis, and Bloods may now be added to the site tracker.
– Manual updating of toons is now working.
– Our Code Wardens are still sorting out the code for the Green Man, Working Man, and Teams challenges.
-State of the Challenges is not ready yet.
– There is currently an in-game character stats page issue.
-Spreadshirt promo Jan. 12th – 16th 15% off everything in the gear store.
Con Before the Storm’s virtual panels have begun. They will run from Jan. 4th – 17th.

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Podcast: Adventures in Azeroth
Twitter: @Leetawow

Discord: KhrysW#4903

Twitter: @ItsKhrysW

Discord: Ferre (mareel#4849)
Realm: WRA Wowironman guild (Alliance side)

Discord: ‘Ster(Geek Roguester#8322)
Realm: WRA Wowironman guild (Alliance side)

Discord: Nisey(Kneesee)#4863
Twitch: NiseyBGN
Twitter: @NiseyBGN

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