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WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.266 – Don’t Be A Dick

This week we did not have a guest.

– Darkmoon Faire rolls back into town this week and will run from Aug. 1st to Aug.7th.
– A potential issue for Pacifist rogues using Outlaw spec has been discovered.
– Leeta shares the statement on the Activision/Blizzard lawsuit from the WoW Challenges Admin: In light of the recent allegations being bought against Activision/Blizzard, we want to say that we here at WoW Challenges are bitterly disappointed in a company we have always held in high regard. It is wrong for anyone to be discriminated against – whether that is due to gender, color, etc…It is 2021 and all businesses need to be better at weeding out this despicable behavior! For those people who feel the need to leave Blizzard games and for those that stay;  we say that whatever your decision, do so with all your heart what is right for you. Please know WoW Challenges embraces all people and we welcome anyone to be part of our community.
– Leeta shares the statement from the WoW Challenges Admin about the current state of the Tin, Green Man, Working Man, and Teams challenges being moved to a non tracked status.
– Spreadshirt promo: Everything will be 15% off sitewide Aug.4th through Aug. 7th in our gear store.
– No show next week due to Leeta’s Birthday. Our next show will be on Saturday, Aug.14th.

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