WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.271 – Six Degrees of WoW Challenges

This week we are joined by Tiber and Dave!

– The Harvest Festival started on Sept.17th and will run through Sept.24th
– Pirate’s Day starts on Sept.19th(24 hour holiday)
– Brewfest starts on Sept.20th and will end on Oct.6th.
– Congratulations to Soulsapped on hitting level 60! This is our 7th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty champion!
– Congratulations to Harmless on hitting level 60! They are our 4th Shadowlands Pacifist champion and this is Ruse’s first max level challenger!
– Congratulations to Sappyboy on hitting level 60! They are our 5th Shadowlands Pacifist champion and Tiber’s first max level challenger!
– Spreadshirt promo in our gear store: 15% off everything site wide Sept.20th – Sept.23rd.
– There will be no show next week. Our next live show will be on Oct.2nd.

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