WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.358 – For Tiber aka Tyber

This week Khrys and Ferre join Leeta and they drop a Pacifist Contest in honor of Tiber – Tauren aka Taur-ahe.

Pacifist Contest
Title – Tauren aka Taur-ahe
Date: April 27 – May 11 (start / end time: 7pm ish Eastern)
Challenge: Pacifist (SOLO) see Pacifist Rules
Race: Tauren
Class: All classes allowed except Death Knight
Specs: All specs allowed
Professions – Allowed
Level: Can add your character anywhere from level 10 to 20. You must have reached Level 10 AFTER the contest starts.
You need to OPT IN for contest by clicking the OPT IN box.
Region: US & EU regions
Prizes: *subject to change
1st place: 60 Day Game Card kindly donated by Khrys
2nd Place: 2 Pets from Blizzard Shop kindly donated by Khrys
3rd Place: 1 Pet from Blizzard Shop kindly donated by Khrys
Tiebreaker: Milestone Level first (Level 10, 20, etc)
Email addresses must be given in order to win contest prizes. All email addresses are purged once all prizes are distributed
Final Prize Allocations and all Contest Rules will be determined by Leeta & Khrys

Congratulations to Ironluxx becoming our 43rd Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge Champion!
Children’s Week – April 29 – May 6 There is no updated information on the 2024 event yet. This is a link to the 2023 event
Patch 10.2.7 is scheduled for May 7
This patch includes an increase of 5 character slots per account.
New Hunter Stable UI: Updated look, updated functionality
Heritage armor quest chains for Trolls and Draenei
DMF – May 5 – May 11
The WoW Remix- Mists of Pandaria is scheduled to start May 16, running until Aug 19.

Warcraft Tweet-
Catch up on the latest WoW News!
️ Dragonflight – Dark Heart drops May 7th!
Dive into Season 4 – Now Live!
Remix: Mists of Pandaria arrives May 16th

Reminder – Leeta taking month break so next show is on Oct 7/8 at 7pm EST.

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  1. Your character must be Level 10 or higher.
  2. You enable your 'Display Only Character Achievements to Others'.
  3. Log Out of your character. THEN Exit WoW.
  4. You must not have already broken the rules

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