WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep124 – Per0-tons of Tips

This week we are joined by the very cool and chill twitch streamer Per0tin! He tells us all about his experiences in WoW and even a tip that we had NEVER heard before! Stone returns to cover the news, which is NOT MUCH. We are waiting with bated breath for the 8.0 pre-patch to drop! Stone and Leeta talk about their week’s in WoW; we all cover the State of the Challenges and read listener questions & puns!

Per0tin’s Advice
The first piece of advice I would give, and it is something I always say is the biggest killer of any challenger (outside of a DC/lag spike or phase) is unfamiliarity. Always stick to what you know, even if it is a zone that everyone tells you is too dangerous. You’re far better off going to zones and doing quests that you know the mechanics, mob patterns, respawns etc in a quote “dangerous” zone, than you are doing a safer zone that you do not know. So firstly, stick to what you know.

Secondly when people ask me what class they should start a challenger on for their first attempt I usually lean toward either a hunter or a paladin, so you can’t really go wrong with either of those.

Lastly would be to take regular breaks, don’t feel bad about skipping quests, and when you die try not to get too disheartened and jump back on the horse sooner rather than later.

Oh and have fun!

Per0tin’s Tips & Tricks
Helpful tips or tricks. Do the four starting zones each time to get the best white gear possible from quests, even if it takes you past 20. I’m often still finishing up the final zone at 22 but you still get ample experience.

Another would be to use the chauffer mount (on classes where you’re not in tank spec) until 60. Not being able to be dismounted could be a life saver, so forgo the extra speed for safety.

Be aware of when the vendor item sets are available and try and purchase those as soon as you can. Also periodically check the AH for shoulders and a cloak upgrade.

Set your hearthstone in the questing hubs inn that you’re working from and use it often to get out of caves etc. No need to take unnecessary risks in running out of caves.

Some slightly less obvious ones are:
Use macros to your advantage, often times especially when you are in trouble it is easy to get flustered, so if you have an oh-crap macro that could save you in a bind.

Keep your head on a swivel at all times. If you are questing in a zone and you know you need to kill a named mob who would be risky solo and you see another player heading that way act quickly and get a sneaky tag in. The same is true of the other way around, careful with players rounding mobs up near you, it’s best to steer clear and not take any risks.

Sell items on a vendor mount if you have one to avoid accidently equiping a green or better item at a non-stationary vendor.

And my last tip would be to use critters to your advantage. Honestly, critters. My current Iron Mage is level 35 and arcane spec and I build up his arcane charges on critters before pulling quest mobs. You can do the same to generate rage and combo points for example. Use everything you have at your disposal to gain an advantage.

World of Warcraft News

  • Not much is happening… waiting for the pre-patch!

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