Diablo 3 Hardcore Iron Man Challenge Rules

  1. Do Not Die! - the most important rule of the challenge.
    1. You must select Hardcore for your character.
  2. No gear higher than White quality.
    1. No enchantments / enhancements / gems on your gear.
  3. Paragon levels are NOT ALLOWED.
  4. Skill Runes & Passive Skills allowed.
  5. Potions are Allowed.
  6. Cannot join a party or group with the intent of getting help to further yourself in the challenge.
  7. Companions / Followers ARE ALLOWED!
    1. They are only allowed to equip white quality gear.
  8. Guilds are OKAY, however, you cannot use Guild Repairs or the guild bank to assist your character in any way.
  9. No XP-boosting activites (except shrines), gear or buffs.
  10. Shrines are okay as their effects are limited.
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