Iron Man Challenge - Speed to Sixty

The Speed to Sixty list shows the fastest times that Irons have made it from Level 10 to 60. Full Rules

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Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Wutulockinat Iron Crusader Marked for Deletion 70 5d 4h 10m 3s Warlock Human eu - Stormrage
2. Iarnaigvi Iron Champion 85,90 90 8d 9h 30m 30s Warlock Human eu - Earthen Ring
3. Marglock Iron Crusader 74 13d 12h 39m 56s Warlock Human eu - Hellscream
4. Sanari Classic Iron <Plaguebringers> 64 13d 18h 18m 20s Warlock Blood Elf eu - Khadgar
5. Ironhell Classic Iron <We Die Alot> 65 16d 14h 20m 14s Warlock Human us - Aerie Peak
6. Ironstevo Iron Champion 85,100 100 22d 8h 35m 1s Warlock Undead us - Earthen Ring
7. Ironbigtone Classic Iron 63 28d 2h 15m 55s Warlock Undead us - Earthen Ring
8. Amiron Classic Iron 67 40d 18h 24m 36s Warlock Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
9. Ironpanvree Classic Iron <Iron Challenge> 60 45d 21h 56m 2s Warlock Human us - Saurfang
10. Ironcobbler Classic Iron 67 247d 6h 29m 1s Warlock Goblin eu - Twilight's Hammer
11. Ferrimia Classic Iron 63 300d 6h 7m 37s Warlock Gnome eu - Malygos
12. Deidrevenw Iron Champion 110 <Wowironman> 110 (0) 996d 11h 57m 22s Warlock Worgen us - Wyrmrest Accord
13. Ironexpert <Wowironman> 31 17248d 1h 34m 8s Warlock Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
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