Brewfest 2016!

pint-of-beerWe are back once again for beer-swigging and sausage-flinging! Brewfest is back!

Brewfest will be running starting today September 20 and ends on October 6.

Quests: All lead-in, ram-racing and daily quests are allowed. Pacifists may not want to do ram-racing since you’re whipping the poor thing… but there will be nothing there to technically disqualify you.

Loot: You can cash in your Brewfest Prize Tokens for white-quality Bavarian brewer gear and the new helm piece.

Coren Direbrew: Since this is in a dungeon, it’s not allowed for any Iron, Blood Thirsty or Pacifist.

Brewfest Enthusiast: At 615am & 615pm, Mekkatorque and Vol’jin issue speeches. Everyone nearby gets a 2-hour buff that grants +10% experience. This buff is not allowed. If you happen to be in the area when the buff is applied, you can simply right-click it off.

For a full run-down of Brewfest you can visit WoWHead’s Guide:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us on the forums or on Twitter: @WoWChallenges.

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