Congratulations to Soulshield, 2nd BFA Blood Thirsty Champion!

Congrats to our very own Social Media Manager, Nisey, whose paladin, Soulshield, just became the second Blood Thirsty to hit 120. Soulshield was her oldest living challenger, taking nearly three years to reach this point with a /played time of 16 day and 3 hours.

When asked about difficult moments and close calls, she said: “Well, I think the hardest part was paying attention at times, it was super easy to zone out and end up not where I wanted to be or pulling more than I had wanted.

Also, I did have one really close calls on this character, in Outlands over in Nagrand. Somehow I pulled two Talbuks instead of one and when they run up to you they charge and hit you for a pretty good amount and these two hit me at pretty much the same time and dropped me so low I had the red screen of death flashing and I was popping everything I could and healing like crazy to get back up to a safer health to finish killing them.

When a challenger hits max-level, we always ask them to share a leveling tip for others: “As far as recommendations for other BT’s, I guess be flexible, be patient, and scout. At times I would take a non-challenge character out to look over where I wanted to grind, and I would kill a few mobs and just sit and watch for a little bit too, to make sure nothing nasty would patrol through that area. This also helped me in figuring out how to get to those areas using a ground mount for places that I couldn’t fly in (like in BfA for example).

Always be flexible with everything, be willing to at least try out a different spec if you are curious to how it’s going to handle. I tried out protection for like three kills, and went back to Ret.

Be willing to have to change the spot you had planned on grinding in, or not work on that character right then if something not ideal is going on, such as a legion invasion taking over your grinding spot.

When asked if she wished she had Shadow Meld on the pally, Nisey responded: “Nope, not at all. Was fine without it, was able to get myself out of trouble without it, and I tried to be super careful about what I was doing.

What’s next for Nisey and her 815 other Blood Thirsty characters? She’s currently leveling a character in all of the challenges, so that’ll keep her busy on those as well as working on the other classes in the Blood Thirsty challenge. She has two characters at max level for Blood Thirsty, a Demon Hunter and now a Paladin; so two down and ten to go!


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