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Congrats to Tânee & Bloodless!

Achievement_level_100The concept of the Pacifist challenge was around since before WoW Challenges was a thing, however, it wasn’t until we started that the challenge was truly tracked. Since that time we’ve had six characters that have come tantalizingly close to reaching the pinnacle but fell short with sometimes only as few as one kill.

Some thought the challenge was literally impossible.

Tânee and Bloodless proved them wrong.

daisyTânee became our World First Pacifist hitting Level 100 with her Night Elf Rogue on May 18 2016 at 8:32:19am Pacific time. She is known to the community by having several (four?!?!) Level 90 Iron Champions. She had an overall playtime (Level 10 to 100) of 71 days, 23 hours, 13 minutes and 14 seconds.

Shortly after, a mere 44 minutes after Tânee, Bloodless became our second Pacifist Champion with his Dwarf Rogue at 9:15:48 Pacific Time. Bloodless is otherwise known to the community as Lyssan, a person known for his firsts in the Ironman Challenge. He had an overall playtime (Level 10 to 100) of 129 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes and 15 seconds.

Congratulations to both Champions and a big thank you for showing us the challenge is certainly achievable.

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