Congratulations to Andyhunter, Our 22 Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Andyhunter on becoming our 22 Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Andyhunter’s Pacifist journey took 21 days, 19 hours, and 11 minutes, with a /played time of 1 day, 15 hours, and 25 minutes to complete. This is Spirgiuz’s 1st ever challenge champion!

Spirgiuz chose to play the Pacifist Challenge because ” I like questing and the Pacifist Challenge gives a new twist to it by making you look for quests that don’t require killing. Also, it’s kind of thrilling to have to assess which quests/herbs/treasures are safe enough to do without the risk of dying or killing something.”

Andyhunter was created as a Night Elf Hunter. “Night Elf because of the godlike racial for pacifists – Shadowmeld. I had two dead Druids in the past month while attempting Pacifist and thought I’d like to try a different class. I picked Hunter because Feign Death is basically Shadowmeld on a 30-second cooldown, it was instrumental in my run. Also, hunters have a freeze trap which is basically a Druid Entangling Root so it helps when a single mob is guarding a gathering node. I picked Marksmanship spec mainly because it gave Concussive Shot and later on Binding Shot, for more control, but I didn’t end up using them much. The strategy was to Disengage and Feign Death as soon as I got into combat.”

Spirgiuz went with the following leveling strategy for Andyhunter: “I leveled 1 to 50 in Azeroth with Cataclysm Timewalking enabled, doing all quests and herbing/mining in between. My last two druids died in Northrend and Draenor so I just figured I’ll stick to zones that I know better and have less chance of dying to gimmicks like the minefield in storm peaks. I did the few paci safe quests in the night elf starter zone, then moved to Azuremyst/Bloodmyst where I quested until around level 12. Then I did the Human and Dwarf zones and moved north to Wetlands, Arathi, Hinterlands, and Plaguelands.”

“Hit 30 in Plaguelands, and started moving south. Once I got back down to the bottom of Eastern Kingdoms, I took the boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet and started doing all the quests again in Kalimdor moving south: Barrens, Dustwallow, Tanaris, Un’goro, Uldum, and Silithus. Started moving up and hit 50 in Felwood.”

“In Shadowlands I did Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and then Revendreth. Doing all available paci safe quests, bonus objectives, and world quests. I ran out of quests at around level 54 or 55, did a few levels of gathering, then remembered Archaeology exists and did 57-60 in Azeroth with it.”

Did Spirgiuz have any close calls while leveling Andyhunter? “Yes, the closest call was trying to get a treasure from a cave in Bastion. First time I saw it I looked inside and saw two level 60 mobs guarding it and noped out. Second time I was flying by and looked in again and there was only one level 60 mob, so I decided to Freeze Trap him and look around. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but once I got close by, the mob broke out of my Freeze Trap, or maybe the Freeze Trap didn’t even hit. It attacked me and chunked me for 40% health so I feigned death, but out of panic moved a bit and the mob attacked me again. Then I Shadowmelded, but I was right on top of him so the mob saw through it and hit me again. I used Turtle, Cheetah, and Binding Shot to get me out of that cave, the mob kept chasing me for a while and I was on 20% health, but thankfully the Binding Shot and Shadowmeld had bought enough time for Feign Death to come off cooldown, so I used it and survived.”

Spirgiuz has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “Treasures in caves/houses are a bad time. My Druid died in Draenor because I accidentally unstealthed while getting a treasure inside a house, my Hunter almost died while getting a treasure in a cave, it just seems not worth the risk to get treasures that have a bunch of mobs guarding them.”

What’s next for Spirgiuz? Will they be taking a break or working on another challenger? “I’m probably gonna take a break for a while and then come back to do a Pacifist for the dragon expansion. I like to try it in every expansion, didn’t have any luck in WoD or Legion or BfA, but managed to do it in Shadowlands.”

Enjoy your break Spirgiuz, we hope to see you back spreading your wings in Dragonflight. Congratulations once again on reaching max with Andyhunter becoming our 22nd Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion!

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