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Congratulations to Asyiron, Our 17th BfA Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Asyiron on becoming our 17th Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Challenge champion! This challenger was created during our May Survival of the Fittest Hunter contest in which he placed 4th at level 95. Asy managed to guide Asyiron safely to max level in roughly 44 days with a /played time of  4 days and 6 hours. Asyiron is Asy’s second max level Iron Man so far this expansion.

For many challengers, once they find a leveling path that works for them they don’t like to deviate from it. Asy is no different. He used the same path for Asyiron that he did for his other Iron also named Asy. To learn more about his chosen path to 120 please see the write up we did for his previous Iron Man victor here.

Some challengers can have quite the heart-stopping moments while leveling either due to their own errors or something happening out of their control like disconnects or lag. For Asyiron, Asy reported that he had no close calls worth noting.

When it comes down to dispensing any advice to his fellow challengers Asy has this to say, “Listen to the podcast and laugh at my puns.”

Will Asy be taking a bit of break or does he have any other challengers that he’s working on? It would seem there is no break on the horizon for Asy as far as the challenges are concerned. He has a level 72 Pacifist and a level 35 Working Man that he’ll be working on.

Congratulations once again on becoming our 17th Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Challenge champion and best of luck on your challenge journey with your Pacifist and Working Man challengers Asy!

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