Congratulations to Asyjade, Our 9th BfA Green Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Asyjade on becoming our 9th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Challenge champion! It took Asy just over 10 days with a /played time of 3 days and 11 hours to reach max level.

Asyjade is Asy’s third max level challenger of this expansion. He previously reached 120 with his Iron challengers Asy and Asyiron.

Asy decided to level a Green Man challenger this time due to already having two max level Irons and desired to change things up a bit this time.

While Asy chose to go with the Green Man Challenge, he stuck to the tried and true leveling path his Irons used, with a few minor adjustments. “Similar to my normal path but with greens and being easier I tried to do zones/quest lines I would normally leave.”

Did Asy have any close calls while leveling Asyjade? There was at least one that stood out: “Once when I pulled too many bees got a low health warning went down to 10%.”

Asy has the following advice for those wishing to try any of the challenges: “Just enjoy yourself, be aware of what mobs do what, and dangerous quests to avoid/be careful.”

Even though Asy has now achieved max level with three challengers this expansion he’s not done yet! He plans to continue working on his Pacifist and Working Man challengers that are currently at level 15.

We wish you the best of luck with your other challengers Asy! You can do it!

Once again congratulations on reaching max level with Asyjade and becoming our 9th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Challenge champion!

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