Congratulations to Beldolphin, our 39th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Beldolphin for reaching max level and making them the 39th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge champion. Beldolphin’s journey was 6 days, 3 hrs, 23 min, 36 sec with a /played 1 day, 10 hrs and 20 sec.

This is Kinur’s first Dragonflight max level Champion and Kinur said, “I’ve had many attempts as an Iron Man, but this was my first official one to get past Level 30.”   

Why did you choose this challenge to play? “I was bored and thought it might be fun, and it was,” Kinur said.

What race/class/spec did you choose to go with and were there any specific reasons for that choice? Kinur said, “Race I picked, Human for their racial to be able to get out of a stun. Turns out it doesn’t actually work that often, so in retrospect i wouldn’t recommend it for the racial. Class – I just enjoy playing Warlock, always have. Spec – I figured Demo would be helpful for my survival in the larger scheme of things. Turns out I was right, as the Felguard can become rather tanky if you spec it right, which can also help you get out of sticky situations.”

What path did you take to level and were there specific reasons for those choices? Kinur mentions, “I went for questing in various zones. If I hit a roadblock with a quest that I couldn’t complete, or I figured it would be too high risk to do it, I might attempt said quest, but with the ability to fear or stun the mob so I could escape. My other attempts took me to Northrend, mainly because I enjoy the aesthetics of the whole zone. However, turns out timewalking in that zone is buggier than an ants nest, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know the whole thing like the back of your hand.”

Did you have any close calls while leveling this character? Kinur said, “I believe I had maybe ten total, seven of which were from 68-70. I had a quest drag me a good 50 meters because it had registered me being too close to a tornado, despite me being far away from it. it threw me in to the air, I took 70%~ damage and I had 8 mobs on me suddenly. I had random dismounts for no apparent reason which always freaked me out. Most other moments would be my Felguard dying and me not being prepared for the mob hitting as hard as it did, it just getting overrun because of respawns. Closest call would be seeing I had 5% health left as I’m running for my life!”

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out Iron Man challenge? “Have fun with it, I sure did! Always have Goblin Gliders and Bandages nearby. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your talents,” mentions Kinur.

Are you working on any other challengers or do you plan on taking a break for a while? Kinur said, “I think I waited an hour or so, and decided I’m gonna attempt the Bloodthirsty challenge, but with a twist of not wearing green quality items for the added challenge.”

Congratulations once again to Kinur on Beldolphin becoming our 39th Dragonflight Iron Man champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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