Congratulations to Ferrefae, Our 12th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrefae on becoming our 12th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Ferrefae’s Pacifist journey took 100 days with a /played time of 3 days, 6 hours, and 18 minutes to complete.

This is Ferre’s 5th Shadowlands Pacifist champion and her 8th max level challenger overall this expansion.

Ferre chose to play the Pacifist Challenge with Ferrefae because “I love my pacifists!”

Ferre decided to go with a Night Elf Resto Druid for Ferrefae. “I like the ability to prowl and the escape of Shadowmeld. A Resto Druid has a lot of healing spells, including HOT’s. If they draw aggro, a Rejuvenation followed by Dash provides a fast escape to get to somewhere safe to Shadowmeld. The ability to teleport to Moonglade is also really helpful when moving around Azeroth doing archeology.”

Ferrefae used the following strategy to level: “Ferrefae started during the SL expansion and got to 50 doing a lot of gathering along with holidays and exploration. Especially with Druid flight, herbing is very fast in herb-intensive areas like in Feralas, near Dreamer’s Rest. There is also a lot of ore there, but she tended not to mine in areas where there were hostile mobs due to poor crowd control options.”

“At 50, she did the Maw skip and took Threads of Fate world quest option, joining the Night Fae. From 50 to 60, she did a combination of World Quests, Profession World Quests, Cook/Fish dailies back in SW, holidays, and DMF activities as well as herbing (and very limited mining) in Bastion and Ardenweald. Ferrefae did very little archeology – a few easy dig sites when they showed up, but not much.”

What about close calls? Did Ferrefae encounter any? “Not really. A few cases of aggro while gathering pre-level 50, but nothing that a heal and a Shadowmeld couldn’t deal with.”

Ferre has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “Once you get past level 10 (for profession dailies) do whatever you enjoy doing in order to level to 50. I spent a lot of time in my favorite gathering spots. This was probably because herbing in Druid flight form is fast and easy. I found it riskier in SL zones and limited the areas where I did gathering there, preferring to concentrate on paci-safe world quests and profession WQs. Ferrefae did not swap out a gathering profession for a crafting profession at level 50, but since she did very few of the herbing or mining WQs, I think that would be a good idea.”

What’s next for Ferre? Will she be taking a break or jumping on the next challenger waiting in the wings? “Ongoing Pacifist, Iron, Working Man, and Green Man challengers.”

Best of luck with your other challengers and congratulations on becoming our 12th Shadowlands Pacifist champion with Ferrefae!

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