Congratulations to Ferrelin, Our 1st Dragonflight Working Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrelin on becoming our 1st Dragonflight Working Man Challenge champion! Ferrelin’s Working Man journey took 68 days, 14 hours, and 37 minutes with a /played time of 3 days, 23 hours, and 55 minutes to complete. This character was a challenge champion during the Shadowlands expansion. Ferre has estimated Ferrelin’s Dragonflight run, level 60 – 70, took approximately 1 day, 13 hours, and 51 minutes.

Ferrelin is Ferre’s 1st challenge champion of Dragonflight so far.

The Working Man Challenge had not been Ferre’s primary challenge of choice to kick things off for Dragonflight. “My intention was to first level a Pacifist from 60-70, but my Pacifist had a sad encounter with a bunny at level 68 (a misclick for a variety of reasons including poor graphics on the PC I’m playing on atm). I decided to avoid the potential issue of accidental kills by leveling this Working Rogue. She is unable to safely kill things at her level, so it was a very similar playstyle to that of a Pacifist at this point in terms of what activities to do.”

Ferrelin was created as a Night Elf Subtlety Rogue. “It’s a class and spec I know well, so I could get used to the changes like having talents.”

When we asked Ferre what leveling path she chose for Ferrelin, she shared with us the following: “Her path to 60 is documented in the write-up for the SL max level achievement, so I’ll focus on 60-70.”

“Fortunately, she was able to take advantage of the DMF just after DF launch and started doing the daily cook/fish quests right away. While I was focusing on my Pacifist, Ferrelin also utilized rested exp to do some Archeology. So when I began her main leveling run, she was already in her mid-60s. The remaining levels were unrested Archeology (along with daily cook/fish). Since she can choose to kill, more areas were available to do some digging, so she included some sites in Pandaria (where you get occasional spawns) and Northrend along with Kalimdor and EK.”

“Just as an ironic side-note: She really is a selective killer – mobs that get in her face at dig-sites might get stabbed. But she has killed zero critters.”

Did Ferre have any close calls while leveling Ferrin? “No, not really.”

Ferre has the following advice for others trying out the Working Man Challenge: “Look carefully at your talent choices to avoid choosing those that offer AOE spells or ‘extra hits on nearby mobs’. And utilize all of the experience options available – gathering, profession dailies, Archeology, and any quests that don’t involve killing mobs at higher levels than you’re capable of dealing with (look at ‘paci-safe’ quests for ideas once you get past the earlier levels when kill-quests are still doable.)”

What’s next for Ferre? Will she be taking a break or moving on to the next challenger? Turns out Ferre is not ready for a break just yet. “…Ongoing Pacifist Rogue and Druid, Tauren Rogue Working Man, a couple of very slow Irons, and a couple of Green Mans who haven’t really gotten going much yet. I’ve also leveled a NE rogue scout to check out what might be doable in the Dragon Isles (and try an Outlaw spec… at the urging of some of my fellow challengers.)”

Best of luck with your other challengers Ferre and congratulations once again on Ferrelin becoming our 1st Dragonflight Working Man champion!

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