Congratulations to Ferrerin, Our 14th Shadowlands Green Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrerin on becoming our 14th Shadowlands Green Man Challenge champion! Ferrerin’s Green Man journey took 954 days, 3 hours, and 47 minutes with a /played time of 6 days, 11 hours, and 6 minutes to complete!

Ferrerin is Ferre’s 2nd Shadowlands Green Man champion and her 18th challenge champion this expansion! Her other champions are spread out across the Iron Man, Pacifist, and Working Man challenges.

Ferre chose the Green Man Challenge this time out because she’s always loved playing Frost Mages. “I wanted one who could keep fighting to fairly high levels, so chose to go Green Man. I’ll also admit to enjoying the transmog options for a cloth wearer!”

“Just as an aside, Ferrerin participated in two WoW Challenges Fashion events. She waited on the sidelines during most of SL, but I decided to get back to her during the WoW Anniversary event. She was level 50 then and got to SL only a few days before Threads of Fate became unavailable. When she updated her green gear, she chose to transmog the new pieces back to the same look she had used during the fashion event.”

Ferrerin was created as a Night Elf Frost Mage. “This spec has always had a good repertoire of defensive spells, and with the talent points added, her DPS (and defensive abilities) are improved. She was easily killing single targets (not named) up thru level 59.”

Ferre chose the following leveling path for Ferrerin: “She started during BFA, and I don’t remember much about what she did – probably my usual route focussed on Kalimdor after some early-ish EK zones (Elwynn, Loch Modan). I know she did a good bit of questing in Felwood and Winterspring, and then Northrend and Pandaria.”

“At 50, she did the Maw skip and took Threads of Fate, joining the Night Fae. After a few days of WQs, she switched back to Chromie time and did dailies in Pandaria and at the Argent Tournament in Northrend. Chromie time gave notice that it would end when she hit 59, but by not returning to SW until she was ready to go to CoT for one last trivia quest, she remained on Chromie time. (During that level she went to IF for the AH, and back to Dalaran and Pandaria for questing).”

Did Ferre have any close calls while leveling Ferrerin? “She had a close call at level 58. I hadn’t played a challenger Mage in a while and forgot how terrible their crowd control really is. She was going after a treasure chest in Howling Fjord and had sheeped the dwarf guarding it, but that put her into combat so she couldn’t mount up and fly away. While trying to run far enough from him to get out of combat, she managed to aggro another mob who chased her for quite a distance. Didn’t want to fight it because the sheep would time out during the fight and she’d have that dwarf on her hands too. Decided not to go invisible since it’s hard to see where you’re going while invis and she hadn’t planned an escape path with that in mind – and was pretty close to a cliff. With a couple of blinks (thankful for the talent point for Shimmer, giving you 2 blinks), she got away safely.”

Ferre has the following advice for others trying out the Green Man Challenge: “Play a class and spec that you enjoy! I’ve loved playing Frost Mages ever since back in vanilla when it was a very unpopular spec. And I still find it fun!”

What’s next for Ferre? Will she be taking a break or working on another challenger? “Ongoing Working Man (and of course, it’s about to start all over again for all of my level 60 challengers – Iron, Pacifist, Working Man, Green Man… not all at once hopefully).”

Good luck with all of your challengers in Dragonflight and congratulations once again on Ferrerin becoming our 14th Shadowlands Green Man champion!

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