Congratulations to Ferrerona, Our 5th BfA Working Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrerona on becoming our 5th Battle for Azeroth Working Man Challenge champion! It took Ferre approximately 6 months to reach level 120 with a /played time of 7 days and 3 hours. This is Ferre’s 2nd max level Working Man challenger and 6th max level challenger overall for this expansion!

During the early part of Ferrerona’s journey, Ferre combined regular Iron Man questing with learning professions. She focused on making sure those professions were leveled high enough to qualify for the monthly profession quests the next time Darkmoon Fair rolled into town.

Ferrerona’s leveling journey was comprised of Teldrassil, Elwynn Forest, Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst Isle, Loch Modan, and the Wetlands before heading back to Kalimdor. In Kalimdor, she chose to stick to Feralas, Felwood, and Winterspring.

Leveling through Northrend involved lots of treasure chest runs, dailies, and questing. In Pandaria though, the focus shifted to daily quests and gathering. At level 90, Ferrerona learned that digging in the dirt in just the right spots can really pay off as she started to learn all about Archeology, sticking to mostly Kalimdor zones. She also did a bit of exploring and treasure hunting throughout the zones in Warlords of Draenor. “No garrison for (Ferrerona). My rogues have a hard time with that guy in the cave.”

Throughout her Working Man journey, Ferrerona took the time to enjoy several holiday world events and also utilized the dailies in Quel’Danas and Tol Barad when they became available. “Along the way, I also used my favorite pacifist gathering circuits: Zoram Strand, Dreamer’s Rest in Feralas, Sholazar, and the Valley of the Four Winds.”

Did Ferre have any close calls while leveling Ferrerona? Well, there were plenty of scary moments due to disconnects and lag. “The worst was when she’d just turned 119 and was taking a flight from Winterspring to Mount Hyjal. Disconnected when the flight was climbing up the mountain. Logged back in with a finger poised above the spot of the glider button, but amazingly she was safe in Hyjal at the FP there.”

When we asked Ferre if she had any advice to give others who might be thinking of trying the Working Man Challenge she had this to say, “This is a really fun challenge. Playing to the strengths of classes who cannot kill effectively at high levels. You can level faster than a pacifist by doing any quests up until the point where killing things becomes too difficult/risky. But you also have access to your professions for added quests, experience (and fun things to do.)  You can rely on those at higher levels.”

What’s next for Ferre? Are there any other challenges she’s working on or will she be taking a break for a bit? “Taking a break? What is that? Currently focussed on a NE Mage Pacifist (64), a Green Man NE Mage (89), and a 45 NE Hunter from the hunter contest (who is now Beastmaster).”

Ferre sure knows how to keep busy! Good luck on all of your challengers and once again congratulations on becoming our 5th Working Man Challenge champion during Battle for Azeroth with Ferrerona!

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