Congratulations to Ferreverdae, Our 8th BfA Green Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferreverdae on reaching max level and becoming our 8th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Challenge champion! This challenger started their journey back in April of 2018 and took Ferre just over 838 days with a /played time of 12 days and 5 hours to reach 120.

Ferreverdae is Ferre’s first max level Green Man challenger and eighth max level challenger this expansion. Her other max level challengers include four Pacifists, two Working, and one Iron.

Ferre approached leveling Ferreverdae by following a path she takes with most of her challengers. This time though with the guidance of a fellow guildie she was able to widen that leveling path a bit. “Used my typical leveling path – mostly Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria, Draenor… BFA. Being a Green Man Rogue, she was able to open the garrison mine as well as the herb garden and did a lot with bonus objectives. Did not do much with Legion (no flying), surviving on holidays after Draenor stopped giving any experience at all. She did her last few levels in BFA (Tiragarde Sound) along with PvZ. I need to give a grateful shout-out to Janglur in the Wyrmrest guild for helping me get past my terror of killing mobs in BFA.”

Ferre did have at least one memorable close call while leveling Ferreverdae. “Opening the mine at the Garrison was kind of a nail-biter, relying on stealth and timing and crowd control to get to (and kill) the boss in the mine.”

For anyone interested in trying out the Green Man Challenge Ferre has the following advice: “I chose to level a Green Man Rogue after losing an 88 Iron Man Rogue (now a Tin). With the onset of mob scaling, I thought a Green Rogue might be better for me and would let me do more in Draenor (knowing Legion wasn’t going to be a good option). Although her progress came in fits and starts, I always really wanted to get her to max level. So, I always came back to her and pushed hard for those last levels.
In terms of advice, I found it really helpful to update her green gear before taking on mobs in BFA. She’d been using Draenor level gear, and AH upgrades were available and affordable. Green gear is your advantage – use it!”

Ferre doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “taking a break”. She always has plenty of challengers to keep her busy. “Currently actively working on a Human Pacifist (mid-90s), Working Man Hunter (82), and my contest Iron Man Hunter (100). But others lurk in the wings of course.”

Good luck with all of your challengers and once again congratulations on becoming our 8th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Challenge champion with Ferreverdae!

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