Congratulations to Lujma, Our 14th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Lujma on becoming our 14th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Lujma completed their Iron Man journey in just 11 days with a /played time of just 2 days, 3 hours, and 33 minutes.

Lujma is Majlu’s first Iron challenger to reach max level. “I started in BfA with the challenge but didn’t make it to max level. And now a guild member came across the challenge. They had never tried it before but challenged me, who already died a lot. Also, he decided to spice it up with some bonus rules. Remember he never did it before but decided Iron Man with a pet class is too easy and having a specialization is also too easy. So we started with three people and raced each other to max level. One Guy quit on the third Death. The other one is still in the competition but didn’t even reach level 30. That’s the guy who said it’s way too easy of course.”

Mages have some unique skills that can help players navigate Shadowlands. The following was Majlu’s experience taking Lujma through The Maw: “First of all I didn’t choose a specialization so my unique skills got reduced to three damage spells and Frost Nova. The Maw is not as hard as it seems. Most of the time Jania or Thrall or someone else is by your side and does the real hard job for you.”

Majlu’s used the following strategy to get from level 50 to 60: “I started with Shadowlands at level 52. Before doing that I discovered every single place in Azeroth and opened up every chest I found. I knew questing through the Maw gives you one level but only up to level 53. So it was my goal to reach level 52 before going into the Maw. After that, I tried to quest with the storyline. I had some naked toons checking the quests before actually doing them to be prepared for potential death traps. Pretty soon there was a point in Bastion where it was not possible to continue with my Mage. So I quit the storyline quests and started with Threads of Fate. With world quests and especially quests you where you don’t have to kill any mobs it was just a matter of time to get enough XP.”

We all have our favorite and not so favorite zones. So, what were Majlu’s favorite and not so favorite places in Shadowlands? “I spent a lot of time in Bastion so I probably enjoyed that part the most. The greatest place to do world quests is probably Revendreath. You’ve got a lot of quests doing nothing but getting exp. I.e. flying with an umbrella, racing with your soapbox, or being a UPS-Deliverer. The worst part of all was Ardenweald. It wasn’t really hard in this area but I died with my prior attempt named Senki at level 56 right in that zone. That was an unexpected death. I wasn’t in combat. I was casting my Teleport to Oribos and suddenly I got hit by a couple of spells, totally shocked, and not able to hit Iceblock or something else. So not only my Iron Man attempt died, but also that area died for me for future tries.”

Mages can be rather delicate at times, especially one that hasn’t chosen a spec. So we had to ask Majlu if he had any close calls while leveling Lujma. “It wasn’t my first try on an Iron Man so I already knew where to take care but one really close call was in Maldraxus. I walked out of the arena and blinked and suddenly I was under the map. Straight fall into nowhere and disconnected. Blinking under the map I thought I’m dead at level 59. I was totally afraid of logging back in. Went for dinner, ate a little bit, and visited the Blizz page. Blizzard support brought me back to my Hearthstone location. I logged in and survived luckily. Also, Shadowmeld was my best friend throughout the whole journey. I probably used it even more than any other spell besides the damage spells.

Majlu has the following advice for other Iron Man challengers trying to reach level 60: “Take a specialization. Seriously! Doing it with only three spells is one of the hardest and dumbest things I did up to this point in WoW. Also, always keep calm and if you are trying it for the first time probably choose a pet class or the class you feel the most comfortable on. Don’t play after doing WQ with your main character. You will pull way too much with your Iron toon. Always remind yourself it is an Iron Man while logging in and keep in mind you will die! Don’t get too frustrated. It is a thing in this challenge.”

What’s next for Majlu besides a big sigh of relief? “I already checked on Double Agent and was wondering if it is possible to do it as a Pacifist. But I don’t think so. Otherwise, I’m waiting for 9.1 like everybody and hopefully, my guild will kill Sire before the patch. Hitting new content with 9/10 mythic is a little bit disappointing for me.”

Good luck on getting your Sire kill in before 9.1 hits and congratulations once again on becoming our 14th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion with Lujma!

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