Congratulations to Pacileeta, Our 15th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Pacileeta on becoming our 15th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Pacileeta’s Pacifist Challenge journey took 1,207 days and 11 hours, with a /played time coming in at just over 9 days. Due to this challenger reaching champion status during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, we were able to estimate her /played time through Shadowlands to be just over 1 day.

Leeta created Pacileeta back in November of 2018. This is her only challenger to reach max level in both the Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands expansions so far.

When we asked Leeta why she chose to play the Pacifist Challenge, she had this to say: “I used to think how bored I would be playing a character that can’t kill anything… I have found out how wrong my way of thinking was. Playing a Pacifist is such a different mindset compared to any other challenge. And once I got over the whole “can’t kill” aspect, well I fell in love with Pacifists.”

Leeta went with a Night Elf Rogue for Pacileeta because “…figured it might give me my best shot at actually hitting max level with a Pacifist.”

Leeta used the following strategy for leveling Pacileeta through Shadowlands: “Once I got to Bastion (with doing the Maw Skip) I picked pretty flowers and mined some ore. I also did discovery in the Shadowlands zones as well as any non-kill quests/dailies. I was also lucky to hit some World Events that were Pacifist friendly so yay for “free XP”.”

Pacileeta had one close call while leveling. “My close call had to do with going back to Arathi Highlands during a World Event and forgetting I had to switch the zone back to pre-BfA. Nothing quite like landing in Refuge Pointe and giving yourself heart failure because the zone layout is set to BfA Warfront!”

Leeta has the following advice for anyone trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “Give it a go! Playing a Pacifist can be quite relaxing and it enabled me to have some “chill time” by just flying around mining and herbing. Although I will say – make sure you know your paths. Ask questions and seek advice from all the wonderful Veteran Pacifist players as well. Information sharing within our community is one of the best ways to help others with their challenge toons and we all love to share in other people getting a toon to max.”

What’s next for Leeta? We know she can be very busy at times. Will she be starting to work on another challenger or will she be taking a break? “I have just started an Iron Man Undead Warlock. It’s been a while since I have played an Iron and felt I’d like to get back to basics (so to speak). I do also have 2 Pacifists I am leveling – Tauren Druid and Gnome Rogue. And I do have a handful of Blood Thirsty’s to get back into… one day soon I hope.”

Once again, we’d like to congratulate Pacileeta on becoming our 15th Shadowlands Pacifist champion, and good luck with your other challengers!

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