Day of the Dead 2015

skull_day_of_dead_decorated_calaveras-09LGThe Day of the Dead world event is here and runs from November 1 to November 3.

Contender Outfits: You are absolutely allowed to wear the contender outfits, despite them being blue-quality because they are considered toys, however, if you engage in Contender Battles and die…  that does count as a death for your Challenger.

Honor the Dead buff: This buff is achieved by doing a /dance with either Catrina or Chapman. It is allowed because the buff is only cosmetic and does not give you any boosts.

Bread of the Dead: This food is allowed to be eaten, however, be aware that it does give a Well Fed buff (+all-stats  for an hour), so you must right-click that off once you get it.

Candy Skull: This food is allowed.

Spirit Candle: This provides a spirit buff, so it’s not allowed.

Whimsical Skull Mask: This is a cosmetic item and since it’s only white-quality, you are allowed to wear it.

Macabre Marionette: You are absolutely allowed to quest to obtain the pet for your own personal collection, however, it does not give you a free pass to start leveling by pet battles. You are still held to the 9 pet battle limit.


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Add Character

In order to add your character you must meet these criteria:

  1. Your character must be Level 10 or higher.
  2. You enable your 'Display Only Character Achievements to Others'.
  3. Log Out of your character. THEN Exit WoW.
  4. You must not have already broken the rules

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