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Blood Teams Challenge - Honoured Dead / Lost to the Nether

You and your friends can share in a gruesome, bloody adventure; killing your way through Azeroth and beyond! Full Rules

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Team Num Level Region
1. Five Finger Death Taco
Mage, Priest
2 75 US
2. Grade D but Edible
Warlock, Priest
2 51 US
3. Combo Taco Five
Priest, Hunter
2 41 US
4. InJure Face
Warrior, Monk
2 37 US
5. Deadly Corgi Assassination Squad
Hunter, Shaman
2 35 US
6. Always Be Killing
Mage, Mage
2 20 US
7. Five Taco Calm Bow
Priest, Mage
2 19 US
8. Not Dead Yet
Priest, Paladin
2 15 US
9. Ambiguously 5Taco Duo
Mage, Mage
2 15 US
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