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Frequently Asked Questions - Teams

This page addresses questions specifically for the Teams Challenge. Answers here do not necessarily apply to other Challenges.

If there are any questions you think should be on here, please contact Stone.

General - Overall
How Do I Add My Character or Create a Team?

First, level your character(s) to anywhere from Level 10 to 20, following all the rules for the Iron Teams challenge, then click Import Character from your Account screen. Select your character from the list of eligible characters on your account. Please note characters MUST be in the Level 10 to 20 range, otherwise we cannot import them to our site.

Once you character is imported into the site either you or your friend can click Create Team from your Account screen. You'll be able to send out invites to characters to join your team. Invites can only be sent to characters that have been imported to the site and are not already on a team.

Can I Do the Teams Challenge with an Allied Race?

Yes, we are accepting Allied Races for the Iron Teams & Blood Teams Challenges. Since these characters start at Level 20, we will be including them with 'regular' races since all teams need to 'lock in' at Level 20. It is possible that this could change at a later date.

For Iron Teams, when you have Allied characters, you must UNEQUIP all of your green starting gear. If you leave this gear on, you and your team will be red-flagged. This restriction does apply to Blood Teams.

I Don't See My Character on the Import List

This can happen for several reasons, however, the most relevant / common reasons are: 1) Your character is not in the Level 10-20 range. 2) Your character name was already used on a WoW Challenges team and cannot be used again.

Why Can't I Re-Use My Character Name?

Overall, we want to try to keep teams data as clean as possible. Unfortunately at this time we do not have access to the unique internal character ID that all characters have. If we had access to this we could then allow users to re-use character names, even re-rolling the same class & race. Until then, it's easier for us to maintain the system by not allowing re-use of character names.

When I Try to Import My Character It Says I've Done Pet Battles or Raid Bosses? I Didn't Do Any!!!

This is because your "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" option in Interface > Social settings has been unchecked. If you *JUST* checked it on, LOG OUT (not Exit), then try to import again. It may take a minute or two to get the Blizzard API data refreshed, there is nothing we can do about this. Patience.

So How Do I Get a Hold of Stone?

Well, there are many different ways. I prefer to keep my Btag private-ish and use it only for actual gaming related stuff. So you can reach out to us by DMing us on twitter WoWChallenges or you can send me email at Stone AT WoWChallenges DOT com.

Alternatively, you can try to find me on Discord (Stone#3621):, but I'll be honest, that's probably only a good avenue for quick / simple questions. Longer pieces of feedback are probably better sent by email.

Dungeons are OK... Right?

Yes, sort of. Dungeons are allowed for groups as long as they are not running the dungeon with other non-team members. If you have a team of two, three or four, you can not queue up for LFG, however, you CAN run dungeons with just your team by traveling to the dungeon location and entering on your own. You CAN use the LFG tool if you queuing up with all five of your team members.

Our Team is Flagged for Kill% Problems. The Numbers Don't Look Right...

So basically, kills and killing blows are a bit tricky. First, let's talk about numbers: We really only look at the number of kills & killing blows (kblows) your team has after the team gets locked (first character surpasses level 20). After that we record whatever your kills & kblows are and deal with the difference since the team was locked. The numbers we are looking at will probably not match up with what you are seeing on the stats page because, again, we are looking at the kill & kblow numbers since the team was locked.

Another issue that may come up is having all team characters remain in close proxity to each other. If one or more wander too far away (perhaps to do some side-questing), they will likely not get credit for some of the kills that happened (again, not TOTAL kills... we're looking at the kill & kblows differences). Don't worry about being a level or two off from each, just level up together and you'll be all good.

What the Heck is This 10% Kill Rule Thing?

To be honest, if you are all grouped up and killing stuff together, this won't be an issue. Same as the Killing Blow %. Don't worry about this. Really.

Can I Be On a Team of One?

No. Originally, we allowed it, however, we're no longer going to track "Team of One" teams. This is a team challenge; part of this requires some coordination with your teammates.

Can I Multi-Box?

It's not against the terms of use for WoW, so I'd say yes you can. Go download Jamba and enjoy.

Can I Trade Items to My Teammates?

Yes! This is not a silly question at all, we've never really had to worry about this kind of thing before. You ARE allowed to trade items amongst your teammates as long as they were not acquired by breaking the rules (mailing yourself stuff from another toon, etc).

Why Do I Need to Log In with My Battle.Net Account?

We need to ensure that you actually own the character that is going to participate in the Iron Teams challenge. We create a user based on your BNet tag and BNet name (not your real name). For example, my recorded information is BNet:Stone#xxxx & Name:Stone. We do NOT show your Battle Tag to anyone except yourself. We also do not have access to your email address or real name. We do NOT have access to modify your account or characters. information is limited to READ-ONLY (meaning we can't change anything): Battle.Tag, Battle.ID, Character Information.

Managing Iron Teams data is much easier by using your registered Blizzard account.

I Logged Out But I Can't Log In With My Other Account

In order to log in with another bnet account, you will need to log out of the WoW Challenges site, then go to Battle.Net and Log Out there. When you return to the WoW Challenges site to log in, you should be prompted to supply the new other account information.

My Character's Profile Image is Broken or Question Mark

We take the image directly from Blizzard's character image render location. If the image appears to be broken it's because it's not available on their side. To fix this, you can log back into your character and click LOG OUT (not Exit). Logging out first generally kicks off a bunch of behind-the-scene update jobs on Blizzard's side like API data updates and, yep, character image rendering updates.

Why Was My Team Name Changed?

Overall, we're not going to touch team names unless they violate Wheaton's Rule: Don't Be a Dick. It's pretty simple, really. We'll also change team names if they are misleading or misrepresenting, whether intentional or not.

Using promotional material in a team name can be subjective, whether intentional or not, so we advise you to steer well away from using any streaming names that you might have. We provide many different avenues for you to get your name out there, however, using the Team's listing as a billboard is not one of them. We can guarantee that you will not like it when your team is changed.

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