Love is in the Air 2019 – Feb.12 to Feb.26

Love is in the Air has started and will run from February 12 through to February 26. Below you’ll find what’s allowed and what’s not for your Challengers. For a complete overview¬†of the event please see the¬† Love is in the Air Guide.

Quests: All quests are okay to do providing they fall within the parameters of your challenge.
Blood Thirsty (Solo & Teams): Move along, nothing to see here for you. This event revolves around questing and you are not allowed to do that.
Pacifists: Please be aware some of the event’s quests involve killing mobs. You will not be able to do all of the quests. When in doubt, scout it out.¬†

Lovely Cards: NOT ALLOWED 
The Lovely Cards (example: Lovely Undercity Card) are NOT ALLOWED as they provide stat buffs for your character.
Tin Man: You are allowed to use these as Tin challengers can have buffs.

Love Tokens: These can be spent on a number of items, however, please keep in mind that the Box of Chocolates and anything that is a Cologne or Perfume are NOT ALLOWED as they provide you buffs.
Tin Man: You are the exception once again as your challenge allows buffs.

Dresses & Suits: There are white/common-quality dresses and suits that can be equipped, so these are fair game for your Challengers. That being said, please be mindful of the quality of the item you are equipping. There may be green quality versions of these items in the game as well. Equipping those will get you flagged.
Blood Thirsty Solo: If you somehow come across a green event item, you may equip it since green quality gear is allowed for you.
Green Man: Should you come across any green quality event items you may equip them, your challenge allows green quality gear. 

Apothecary Hummel: NOT ALLOWED
This NPC is located in a dungeon and is NOT ALLOWED for solo challengers. 
Iron Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon.
Blood Thirsty Teams: If you are a full team of 5 your team may queue for this dungeon, however, you are not allowed to complete any quests in the dungeon.

Collecting Charms: You’re allowed to collect charms for achievements, pets, mounts, and items if you want.
Blood Thirsty Solo & Teams: While you can collect the Lovely Charms, you’ll need to complete a quest to turn them in. Since you cannot complete these quests it’s back to the blood-soaked¬†fields with you.
Pacifists: You cannot acquire these as the Lovely Charms require you to land the killing blow to in order to receive the charm.

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