Lunar Festival 2019

It is the Year of the Pig! The Lunar Festival runs from January 28th through February 11th. This year’s update brought seven new toys to the event! Please see the Lunar Festival Guide for a complete overview of the event.

Honouring Elders
With the exception of  Blood Thirsty, all challengers can go honour Elders and take advantage of the free Experience Points they’ll give you. Honouring an Elder will give you a Lucky Red Envelope and a Coin of Ancestry. Due to the phasing that was added to several zones in recent expansions, you may need to talk to Zidormi to return the zone to how it used to be. The zones you may need to do this for are Undercity, Tirisfal Glades, Blasted Lands, Darkshore, Darnassus, Teldrassil, and Silithus.

 Blood Thirsty: These quests will count against your quests completed totals.

Pacifists: These quests are a great way to start a new Pacifist challenger, especially now that you need to be level five to learn your professions.

Lunar Fortune Buff
In each of the envelopes, you will receive either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or an Elder’s Moonstone. Setting off the Lucky Rocket Cluster from a cluster launcher will give you the Lunar Fortune buff… this gives you +250 health and is NOT ALLOWED.

All quests are allowed for all Challenges except  Blood Thirsty, even the quest that requires you to defeat Omen, although I’m not quite sure I’d recommend trying it… if you die, that’s it.

Coin of Ancestry Redemption
You can turn in your Coins of Ancestry for pets, toys, food, fireworks, and clothes.

Festival Dumplings are ALLOWED. Good health/mana regeneration. Stock up on these.

Festival DressesSuits & Crowns: NOT ALLOWED. These are all green-quality items and will flag your character.

 Blood Thirsty: You are ALLOWED to equip these since you can equip green gear.
 Green Man: All green event items ALLOWED for you.

Schematics & Patterns
Allowed for Pacifists only. You can buy these from Fariel Starsong to craft cluster & firework launchers as well as festival dresses and suits. Professions are NOT ALLOWED for all other challengers.

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