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This week we are joined by Belle! News - Zone scaling - DMF Time Once Again - Brewfest Ends Oct. 6th - Virtual Ticket Now Available ($49.99 USD) - Spreadshirt Store Oct. 9th - 13th 15% off all Merchandise Contact Info You can contact the show by email – We’re on Twitter: @WoWChallenges Discord server: Check out the show on And remember to come catch us LIVE at Leeta Twitter: @LeetaWoW Podcasts: Adventures in Azeroth, Behind the Avatar Xortz Discord: Xortz#2529 Twitch: Xortzthegoblin Twitter: Xortzthegoblin Belle Podcast: PWNCAST Twitter: Belleofpwncast & DitchCon Website: DitchCon   ...

Please note from this episode forward we'll be dropping the "CLEAN" tag from the show.  Belle, Queen of Pwncast, Ruler of Ditchcon, joins us this week to tell us all about her experience in WoW, what brought her into the game and where she's at now. We talk about the Ditchcon Kickstarter (SOOOOOOON), Con Before the Storm, BlizzCon Ticket Sales, War Mode Rewards and how they relate to the challenges.  Leeta and Stone share their challenge adventures this week and read...

The WoW Challenges community has a great, long-standing relationship with the WoW Community, helping us to get the word out and providing support when we've needed it. This past month has been no different as we were featured twice in the community. Does the Heart Good I recently joined Leila, Turwinkle and "Gollum" on the Does the Heart Good podcast, a show that high-lights the good that folks might do, not just in the WoW Community but overall. A podcast like this is...

The WoW Challenges Podcast is the podcast for keeping the community up to date with news and information for your Challenge Toons! This weeks guest is Lycan from PWNcast. News in the World of Warcraft Weak Auras Scam Lunar Festival Love Is In The Air Site News The Challenge Report Stone, Leeta and Lycan discuss their weeks in World of Warcraft. Chit Chat Submissions from Johan, EvaBingBong, SommerShade, Lokiv Tokiv Foppa and Anon. Addon - Suppress Right Click Contact Info You can contact the show by email –...

On Sunday May 31, Belle used her Belle's Bites (Bytes?) to talk about the WoW Challenges site. This is a huge deal to me as I'm a very big fan of the show. I can totally relate to the folks on there and really enjoy how they interact with each other (I still laugh at the whole Casual Belle thing...

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