WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep 129 – For the Mods!

This week we’re joined by four of our wonderful mods (it’s Mod Appreciation month here at WoW Challenges): Awesome Trousers, BoZ, Nisey and Xortz! We ask them about their experiences with the new changes, if they’ve completed anything on their bucket lists before BFA launches and any advice they can give to newcomers, especially considering the changes since 7.3.5. We also talk about a third wave of BlizzCon tickets going on sale, the 8.0 patch changes that affect Pacifist challengers, the Hot-Fix to remove Auto-Accept, BFA launching SOON, the update to the site’s random class/race generator and remind folks about our 3-year anniversary show (we need more questions!).  We all talk about our weeks in WoW; cover the State of the Challenges and read listener questions & puns!

World of Warcraft News

  • Third Wave of BlizzCon Tickets
  • Profession Changes Affecting Pacifist Challengers
  • Group Finder Auto-Accept Gone
  • BFA Launching SOON
  • Random Generator Update on the Site
  • 3-year Anniversary (we need more questions!)

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