WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.254 – Thread Bare

This week we did not have a guest.

– Congrats to our 9th Shadowlands Iron champion Monkster!
– Darkmoon Faire is back in town this week!
– The Threads of Fate quest is temporarily NOT ALLOWED for Blood Thirsty challengers due to a coding issue on our site. Once resolved we will let you know when it’s okay to take the Threads option. Leveling to 60 is still doable, you’ll just have to stay in Bastion.

Chit Chat Highlights has an Item Finder page where you can set filters to search for white vendor gear for your Iron challengers.
– The WoW Challenges Team would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to Xaya and Dave. These two members of our community have been going through a difficult time recently. We are truly sorry for your losses.
– Dave has written a tribute to his late wife and has given us permission to post it below for anyone that may be interesting in reading it.

Dave’s Tribute
I have something that I wanted to share, has nothing to do with WOW or the challenges, but it means a lot to me, and I think it may mean a lot to those folks that we have journeyed alongside of for these many years.

She was born into post war Europe, the youngest of seventeen children. Times were rough during the rebuilding of Europe after the war, Families had great difficulty as well. When her mother’s husband returned from the Eastern front where he had been imprisoned as a POW, he refused to support the child and she was handed over to an Orphanage in Northern Bavaria. She did well in her studies and after leaving the orphanage she became a Nurse and worked in a Home for the aged outside of Nurnberg Germany. She was married and had a child, a boy tall and slender. Her husband wandered a bit and the marriage failed. I met her while on a TDY assignment for new equipment fielding at an airfield near Nurnberg in ’82. We became quite the pair. In ’83 she had a second child, (our first) a girl, a year later we were married. Two days after our wedding I deployed for the next 6 weeks for field training, the first of many separations. Just after Christmas in ’85, she had another child, this one a boy. two years later her mother (who had handed her to the Orphanage) fell gravely ill, the compassion she had for this woman was inspiring, sadly her mother passed shortly thereafter, she would tell me of how her mother enjoyed watching me as I cared for and watched over the children so they could visit. We never were the great socialites but the friends we had were great in both affection and attachment. She received her Green Card late in ’87 just after Chernobyl, and the Mad Cow scare. We stayed in Germany through the end of ’89 when we moved stateside to Kansas it was a good move for us all, Desert Storm came and I went, she stayed and held the family together, together and then some, she dealt with sick children, floods and tornados. Just before I deployed she got her driver’s license, once I returned she never drove again. She always lent a helping hand with child care for neighbors, filling sandbags preparing for floods, and cleaning up after floods. Almost always helping someone else as we were seemingly blessed to survive many disasters unscathed. When I left the military, she had great fears that we would, “wind up on the street”. Thank the lord this never happened. As I write this I have been caring for and watching over her as she proceeds through end stage Alzheimer’s/Dementia aggravated by COVID-19, unable to care for herself, and slowly withering away, hardly speaking and I feel the pain, I realize now how much of me has been her, so many things I have done and accomplished were enabled by her. Her strength, her support, her caring, her love held me up to do anything I chose. Now I am losing her a little bit more every day. And I’ve no way to stop it, I feel like a failure in I can’t protect her from this last evil. I realize now who was the strong one, who was my strength, and I see now who has always been my Hero. I love you more than words allow, you are my hero now and forever. God bless her on this last journey.

On the 13th of February, I lost my Frieda, she passed quietly without pain or distress. The 2nd of March would have been our 37th Anniversary. I miss her now and forever, I thank the Lord for allowing us her family to care for her during her last days.

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