WoW Challenges Podcast – Ep.329 – Root ‘Em and Shoot ‘Em

This week we are joined by Ster and Khrys.

Link for Pacifist Safe Forum Post –

– Congratulations to Jonnfoxx on becoming our 7th Dragonflight Ironman Champion
– Congratulations to Showei on becoming our 8th Dragonflight Ironman Champion
– Issue with Battlenet Login has been fixed. You should be able to login with Battlenet and see your toons

  • Darkmoon Faire – March 5 to March 11
  • March Trading Post – Some of the activities are things that various challenge toons could do.  Some examples would be to
    • Complete 30 quests
    • Complete 15 world quests
    • Change your appearance
    • Change your dragonriding mount’s appearance
    • Complete 15 solo dragonriding races

– Spreadshirt 20% Off Everything – Mar 4th to Mar 12th
– Taking couple weeks off – so no show Mar 18th and 25th

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