Congratulations to Xayabingra, Our 17th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayabingra on becoming our 17th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge champion! Xayabingra’s Blood Thirsty journey took 193 days, 17 hours, and 28 minutes with a /played time of 3 days, 16 hours, and 20 minutes to complete.

Xayabingra is Xaya’s second Shadowlands Blood Thirsty champion. His other champions for this expansion include Xayapelli, Xayagalian, and Xayavandra to name a few.

Xaya chose to play the Blood Thirsty Challenge this time because “green gear was allowed for Blood Thirsty in Legion because we thought it would be too hard. So I decided to try a ‘no green’ Blood Thirsty to see if it would be doable.”

Xayabingra was created as a Dwarf Hunter. “I chose a Hunter because I know the class well as a challenger. Race was random”

Xaya used the following strategy to level Xayabingra: “I decided to use all scouting map (so no exploration XP) and no Chromie Time (so no rares above 30ish). When rares in Loch Modan, Swamp of Sorrows, and Winterspring stopped giving decent XP, went to Azsuna up to low forties, then Tiragarde Sound. After 50, I killed mobs in Bastion up to 55, then Ardenweald, and Rivendreth at 58.”

Were there any close calls while leveling Xayabingra? “At 58 in Rivendreth, I was fighting a mob with a patrol nearby. I misplaced my freeze trap so the patrol came after my toon and not my pet. I hoped to kill the first mob and use the pet against the patrol afterward, but finally had to use Feign Death when my screen started to flash.”

Xaya has the following advice for others trying out the Blood Thirsty Challenge: “Know your class well, learn what you can (and can’t) kill, and always have an escape route.”

Will Xaya be taking a break or will he be moving on to the next challenger? “I’m gonna wait till Dragonflight goes live to start again on my Shadowlands champions.”

Enjoy your break Xaya! We’ll be looking forward to your Dragonflight challenge adventures and congratulations once again on Xayabingra becoming our 17th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty champion.

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