Congratulations to Xayaparo, Our 17th BfA Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayaparo on becoming our 17th Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Challenge champion! It took Xaya 20 days with a /played time of 3 days and 20 hours to reach max level with Xayaparo.

Xaya has previously reached max level this expansion with an Iron, Green, Working, and Tin(4 deaths) challenger.

With the Pacifist Challenge being rather different from the others due to not being allowed to kill mobs, how exactly did Xaya go about leveling Xayaparo? “I decided to not learn archeology. So I did all the paci safe quests I could find in Azeroth, along with cooking/fishing dailies, Darkmoon Faire, exploration, and the herbs/nodes I encountered on the way. At 63 went to Outlands and did the same, which got me to 75. At that point, I switch to Northrend until 81. Herbs and nodes give almost no xp in Cataclysm, so most of my time was spent in Pandaria until 91. With all the chests in Draenor and the xp buff, getting to 101 was mostly chest hunting, with the occasional paci safe quest. I had already made a list of all paci safe quests for Legion (available on the forums), along with a few bonus objectives. There are not enough quests to get to 110, luckily Brewfest came on so was able to head to Boralus. I followed my list of paci safe quests for BfA, which got me to about 117, at which point I had to resolve to herb/mining along with dailies and chests.”

We like to share the close calls that our challengers have in the hopes of expanding upon the list of things/places for others to avoid. Xayaparo had one such encounter: “There is an ‘obviously safe chest’ in Drustvar, in a cave, which spawns a rare spider. At 118 I saw a node in the cave. Turns out you don’t have to open the chest for the rare to spawn. I went from full health to a flashing screen in a matter of second before I could take some distance and vanish.”

Xaya has the follow advice for those wishing to try out the Pacifist Challenge: “Archeology is definitely a lot faster. Learn the aggro ranges of mobs, so you’ll know when you’re far enough and pick the nodes and herbs without aggroing (‘dancing around’ like Ferre said on the podcast at somepoint).”

What’s next for Xaya? Is he working on any other challengers currently? “I lost my bloodthirsty at 80 some time ago, and I don’t think getting a Blood Thirsty to 120 is possible before Shadowland. So I’ll take a break from challenges and wait for the end of October 2020.”

Enjoy your break Xaya, you’ve earned it! Congratulations once again on becoming our 17th BfA Pacifist Challenge champion with Xayaparo!

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