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In Battle for Azeroth, we are given the Heart of Azeroth, this expansion's equivalent of the Legion artifact weapon. In the previous expansion we allowed a one-time equip of the Legion artifact weapon in order to open up quest lines as it was previously thought the artifact was required to access Legion zones and subsequent quests. On hindsight, the Legion artifact equip was the wrong decision as there ARE some Legion quests available (not all). With this in mind, we turn...

Last night we announced that elixirs provided for quests were no longer allowed for challengers, however, we didn't say why. Please read carefully. Originally, the challenge was set up to not allow elixirs at all, however, through some coding and quest checking, a method was created to allow elixirs for quests...

With patch 7.2.5 a nice undocumented change that came in resulted in many holiday items that were previously Common (white) are now Uncommon (green). This has resulted in many challengers being red-flagged. It is important that you remove the items from your character ASAP. I've gone through to reset most flags, however, I don't believe all characters will be updated to reflect the new uncommons that were equipped. I'll be doing another pass tomorrow after our big nightly job is done and...

UPDATE: Feb-1 We've readjusted the code so that while you are allowed up to 10 Proximity Kills, we are still going to be limiting your killing blows. If you have 10 or less Kills, we then look at your Killing Blows. 0 Killing Blows = Green Flag 1-2 Killing Blows = Yellow Flag 3+ Killing Blows = Red Flag Killing Blows are completely avoidable and are not applied to your stats like Proximity Kills are. Around a month ago, we added code to look for Proximity Kills...

As discussed on our podcast over the past few weeks, we've been looking at altering the Blood Thirsty Challenge in a manner to achieve a few of our goals: Change the challenge significantly enough so a Blood Thirsty challenger could not qualify for the Iron Man challenge if they were to use the FULL rules. Provide a "buff" or nerf to the challenge just enough to allow challengers a reasonable chance of survival when killing through Legion zones. Provide a...

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